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Your Tumblr-inspired conference branding is not hardcore.

Brand New Conference ‘13 


Chicago zine

Check out this zine by Sophia Clausse. Following a trip to Chicago, Sophia selected 10 buildings…

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The Hours

Check out this creepy conceptual design of Michael Cunningham’s novel The Hours by Seyda Sasmaz.…

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Two Twelve


May Ninth


Profile picture for cast and crew advertising A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the Yale Dramat’s Spring Mainstage

Veronica Mars is back, eeeeeeee!

Virginity can’t be lost because it doesn’t even exist. Try thinking of it all as a natural, normal process of human sexual development that includes many different experiences with ourselves and with partners over time. Good sex takes practice — both alone and with others.
Dr. Ruth Neustifter, sexuality educator and Assistant Professor of Couple & Family Therapy at the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada (via fuckyeahsexeducation)

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